Zigong municipal government to provide millions of reward to return home venture star

home business, will be able to promote the development of the home economy, but also can solve the problem of employment of more people in the home, which is currently around the government are vigorously supporting the cause. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Zigong Municipal Employment Service Authority, starting in August, the official launch of Zigong home venture star contest.

of the contest theme of "entrepreneurial salt · revitalization and development, at present, is county recommended stage, will continue until the end of the year, which will be selected 20" home business star "and" Star home business ", to give 1 million yuan venture prize money by the Zigong municipal government.

drive more people to achieve entrepreneurial dream

In order to further improve the

in personnel (including overseas workers, business of urban and rural residents) home business work, and comprehensively promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, the Zigong municipal government has issued "on the support of the implementation of the views of" ofreturned venture. Opinions referred to strengthen the exemplary role, through the entrepreneurship contest, the city’s annual selection of 20 ‘return home venture star’, and will be rewarded".

Zigong city employment service authority responsible person in charge of the relevant departments, the end of last year began planning this event, in August began to send a document formally launched the home venture star contest. "I hope that through such activities, more people want to venture to achieve entrepreneurial dream. For entrepreneurs who start to answer questions, provide experience for them to build some platform to solve the difficulties encountered in the business of financing."

Awards held at the end of the general assembly in recognition of

it is understood that this event is sponsored by the joint venture and employment office in Zigong City, the city employment service authority. The contest is divided into "find home business entrepreneurs" typical character collection, "home business" star of the preliminaries, finals, "home business" Star Awards Three content.

According to the requirements of

contest, where in January 1, 2011 after returning entrepreneurial household registration in the city all kinds of entrepreneurs and foreign residence to the city of all kinds of venture entrepreneur, the entrepreneurial enterprises have registered and the normal operation of more than one year, and the entrepreneurs as the main management of enterprises, and has a controlling stake. The good reputation of the company, to promote the employment effect is significant, is a positive example of the local home business, you can sign up for. After the district elected, you can participate in the creation of the passenger alliance TV program, from which to return home venture star and return home venture star".

as an organized game, naturally there will be a number of processes, participants who are interested, but also need to refer to the various processes. At present, activity is county recommended registration stage, the county will organize the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals are recommended

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