Most suitable for young people to start a small business eight projects

a lot of young people want to work, but do not have much capital, the face of this situation, we need to find profitable small businesses, entrepreneurs, the key is to find the good business opportunities, which business projects for young people? Follow the whole network Xiaobian look at the eight projects for young people. The cost of entrepreneurship.

8 projects for Young Entrepreneurs: 1 sound beauty

8 projects for Young Entrepreneurs: the 2 boss production line

there is a private enterprise in Nanjing?? Entrepreneurs Club, to provide specialized services for people who want to be boss. Club to find out the project, and then according to the applicant’s specialty, age and other characteristics of the customer training. Last year, the club found more than and 100 projects, the production of more than 200 small boss. Such as the training of glib started "bargain" company, providing services such as shopping, bargain shopping public. The club has also launched a solar coin bath room, the room can be placed in the larger urban areas such as railway stations. Coin one yuan, you can wash 10 minutes hot water bath, and investment needs only $20 thousand.

8 projects for Young Entrepreneurs: 3 economic quest tour

The main content of

8 projects for Young Entrepreneurs: 4 brewed

brewed, quietly rising in some coastal city in China, which "chase it" one of the favored. It will make a little bar into a "micro brewery". People sit on the stool of the smell of the log, you can directly see the new wine slowly out. If you want to do it yourself, there will be a special winemaker

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