Snack bar business advice

snack bar is a small number of entrepreneurs of the common choice, this kind of store business is relatively simple, more obvious investment advantages. How to run this kind of shop? Do you have some good tips? Xiaobian finishing a few points, hoping to help businesses do a good job in investment management.

If snacks shop election is the company’s regional office, the rent is about 3000 to 8000, so our customer base is in the vicinity of white-collar workers in the restaurant, snack shop environment elegant, the price to book consumption should be based on their "level" to "tailor-made", if the lack of environment renovation the corresponding level, may cause some loss of customers, the decoration is relatively good.

the store needs renovation, there are some necessary facilities:

To reflect the elegant snack bar open

, appetite and environment often have some relevance, posted some snack characteristics on the wall: origin, taste, celebrity related. How to open a snack bar? How to open a snack bar at each table, there are one or two books on the introduction of snacks, picking the essence of the relevant articles, pictures.

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