Winter cigarette business to prevent dry and damp

winter arrived, in addition to the cold weather so many people feel less convenient, for the operation of the store, there are also a lot of problems we need to pay attention to. For example, the opening of heating and air conditioning, will make cigarettes dry, and the rain and snow, easy to let the cigarette moisture, etc.. Therefore, the operation of the natural winter tobacco also need to prevent dry and damp.

with the arrival of winter, the climate became dry and cold, we have the North pass on the heating, a lot of shops are paved with geothermal. It is easy to be dry for a long time in a cabinet near the ground. A lot of dry cigarette smoker smoking is not smooth, sometimes misunderstanding store cigarettes are true. Thus affecting their store business. Therefore, the store in the winter to prevent the drying of cigarettes stored also urgent.

to prevent dry cigarettes, we also need to do some preventive preparation in accordance with the specific circumstances of their own shop, you can use an open container placed in the water can be placed inside the cigarette cabinet to prevent the whole cigarette dry.

The winter of

, we must not be cigarette on the window, because the winter outside and indoor temperature, indoor glass are easy to freeze, at noon, sometimes shed a lot of water, placed beneath the window easily in the cupboard or near the smoke cigarette damp. In our northern rural areas, many shops will be on the counter inside the stove to keep warm, so a long time it is easy to make a cigarette from stove cabinet near the smoke becomes dry, it is very easy to cause a fire, a fire hazard.

although it is not difficult to do business, now choose to embark on this road is also very much. However, want to do a good job, naturally has more attention. So, it is also a knowledge of the rational placement of cigarettes, we must not ignore these summaries, to minimize our losses and unnecessary trouble.

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