How to do sales promotion

What are some of the skills that

needs to do in order to sell drinks? Many wine dealers are new and they are not very familiar with business skills. If you want to succeed in the investment business, then naturally need to learn. Today Xiaobian compiled a few tips and tricks, I hope to help you.

when you are recommending a drink to a guest, ask a number of questions. Such as: Sir, Hello, tonight, we are a little wine, wine or something else! When the guests to determine one of the varieties, and then take the initiative to report more of the kind of wine for guests to choose. Marketing should not use the single inquiry. How do you do, sir? We’ll have a drink tonight. If this is a question, you will be reminded of the need for drinks and lack of guidance. Successful sales people should learn how to guide the guests. Selling opportunities everywhere.

wine marketing skills and marketing skills of words before the meal: when the guests after a meal can be directly drinks, combined with his collected information (guest food consumption and through the chat is to collect information, make reasonable marketing).

if the guests bring their own liquor, sir, Hello! Tonight we drink yogurt, fruit vinegar, Fresh Juice or some other drinks! If the guest hesitates, said: tonight you just find opportunities to drink wine, or a bit of sugar free yogurt can protect the stomach.

wine sales skills and marketing skills in the words: if we do not sell before the meal, we can use the wine over three tour, over the taste of the food, the feast will then enter a climax of the five. At this time, the waiter lost no time to sell the hotel dishes and drinks are often able to succeed.

wine marketing skills and marketing skills: if surgery after a meal after meal guests drunk, can remind the guest to say: "Sir, you are all drunk very happy, or to give you some honey water or vinegar, Wild Jujube Juice.

how to do a good job in agent business? Many beginners want to master more skills, get more profit. Is the above advice helpful? Of course, there are more than so many skills, the need to join the business continue to tap business skills, and constantly sum up feasible methods, a step by step to adjust the business strategy.

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