Henan how to punish dishonest laolai

in the process of economic development, for some shamelessly dishonest behavior, we usually called lai. In the face of these "Laolai", some local governments really feel a headache, how to effectively stop this part of human behavior? Now let’s look at Henan, how to punish dishonest "Laolai"?

is called the "Laolai" corporate dishonesty and the person in charge, the future may not be better.

6 month 28 days, reporters learned from the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau held a press conference, led by the Bureau of Henan province construction enterprise credit information publicity monitoring warning system on-line test run, will be combined with the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of finance, provincial agency office, the Provincial Public Security Department, the people’s Bank of Zhengzhou Center branch 56 provincial the relevant departments and the agencies in Henan, "encirclement" to break the party, a dishonest, always limited".

"Laolai" is limited to bank loans, project bidding and other

with the deepening of the reform of the commercial system, market vitality and development momentum has been growing. At the end of May, it is the main market of 3 million 807 thousand households in our province, ranking sixth in the country, the six central provinces first; people have a number of market players reached 36, up 49.2% compared to the pre reform.

face a huge amount of market players, how to use information technology, in the open on the basis of the enterprise supervision and living, good service? Publicity regulatory warning system is an effective means.

Industrial and Commercial Bureau put into use in 2014 "Henan province enterprise credit information publicity system, at present, has been the public enterprise information 3 million 124 thousand and 700, a total of over 1 billion 410 million visitors, a total of 593 million passengers in the query, strengthen corporate credit constraints has played a positive role. Based on the new on-line publicity monitoring warning system on comprehensive upgrade, those who have violated the interests of consumers, the production and sale of counterfeit goods, false propaganda and hurt consumers, not to fulfill the obligations of information disclosure behavior of enterprises, will be regarded as dishonest and multisectoral "group" discipline, which is facing an illegal everywhere Limited "at the same time the dilemma; honest and trustworthy enterprises, provide priority, simplified procedures" Easy Access in market regulation and public services".

, for example, if the enterprise has been dishonest "misdeeds" into the system, not only in less than bank loans, but also in government procurement, project bidding, the state-owned land, granted the honorary title of activities, will face a ban". To be included in the list of serious violations of dishonesty enterprises, will be in business, investment, import and export, the government has made the supply of land, immigration, registration of new companies, security license, production license, quality audit, government financial support has to be restricted or prohibited; the permit was revoked business license, will be prohibited from recommending

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