Millennium Shilong will show how the three big silver sea estuary puzzle solution

there are a lot of legends about dragons in China, it is true that even historians are hard to say. Recently, the Millennium Shilong Sichuan will appear, so that the local people think of the legend of thousands of ships sunk silver, there are experts said that this is just a legend!

sent General hiding guard

1984 years, according to the prototype of the local, rebuilt the stone tiger, and moved to a distance of only twenty meters from shilong.

"Shilong Stone Tiger Mountain, gold and silver crafts Mitoji" what does it mean? Is it true that the mountains have gold and silver? Not far from the stone, Wu Tianwen pointed to the stone on the cliff, said the poem engraved on the stone, but in addition to poetry and signature, and no more records.

the old nursery rhyme, Lei Qianyin had learned by heart. The 83 year old Qianyin Lei is a native of Jiangkou, he had heard about the ancestors of a legend: Zhang Xianzhong was in the estuary of Sunken Treasure, send a general in hiding, guarding the treasure river. The general died, into a stone tiger in here, and in the distance across the Shilong river. Later, the general people also mixed local villagers in here.

"hours later, I heard father mentioned that legend, but it is only a fragment of the." Qianyin Lei said, the core content is handed down for generations, this area has the treasure, Zhang Xianzhong is left to the wreck. "Not in 2005, someone picked up treasure here, I do not intend to pass on these legends."

related cultural relics unearthed

"Jiangkou silver precipitation" recorded in the trusted

in the hearts of the elderly, this is only the memory of childhood, and appears in more than 10 national experts, this is more like a treasure of Zhang Xianzhong to decipher the password.

2005 years, in the course of the construction of Minjiang River, the Yangtze River estuary area of the two unearthed a large number of cultural relics, are closely linked with Zhang Xianzhong, Pengshan. December 25th, more than 10 domestic archaeological, historical experts gathered in Pengshan estuary, site visits Jiangkou silver deposit site, visit the unearthed relics.

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