How do you see the rapid rise of the U S Food and beverage market

The development of

China catering industry when bad, fluctuation may be caused because of government policy changes, there may be economic and social needs, whatever the reason for what kind of food to do should be thinking about learning in change, reflection and action to solve existing and upcoming problems. Take the rapid rise of the U.S. Food and beverage market economy.

last year, the U.S. Food and beverage industry revenue reached $709 billion 200 million, the number of employees reached 14 million employees. 2015 U.S. Food and beverage industry accounted for 47% of the total household food consumption, while in 1955 the food and beverage industry accounted for only about 25% of the residents of food consumption, changes in consumer habits to promote the rapid growth of the U.S. Food and beverage industry. From 1970 to 2014, the U.S. Food and beverage industry in 44 years, the growth rate of load of 6.65%.

in the past few decades, the United States last year, the total retail sales of more than the total retail sales. There is a new change in the retail industry, retail developers not only from the new format for profit, but also the transformation of the old retail stores. Electricity supplier is changing consumer shopping habits, so that they are more and more away from the shopping center. It is interesting that, and China’s retail formats similar to the United States, the restaurant retail also played a role in the consumer back to the shopping center.

"it eventually changed the retail real estate ecosystem, the retail business is good retail formats and poor business is undergoing changes in turn the world upside down," the chairman of North American retail CBRE research, Melina Cordero said, "those who are healthy food grow rapidly, they make retail developers have finally breathed a sigh of relief, the mall restaurant that has become vacant shops settled and becomes lively, consumers are attracted to the mall Everfount."

A new

retail real estate developers from the four aspects of interpretation of this format, according to a new CBRE report shows: the dining car, "Grocerants" (in the supermarket, restaurant meals), celebrity chef restaurants, these four types of food is growing rapidly. The dining car is mobile mode, and do not pay the rent, this has been sub format by more than $2 billion 700 million valuation, commercial real estate developers are going to negotiate with suppliers and the dining car, in the shopping center also opened up a diet for the food can be directly into the corner in.

"car sale is to stimulate the inspiration for the restaurant business, they can use a very low cost, directly in the mall, but they can continue to change," says Cordero, stressed that consumers for many kinds of meals have a very high demand.

shopping mall outside the queue dining car


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