Korean barbecue

said if barbecue have to mention a country that is South Korea, Korean wind has been blowing in Chinese for many years, now has basically come into our life, but also has distinct characteristics of Korean cuisine, cooking mainly barbecue, but the taste is very popular for Chinese. And Chinese cuisine is different, Korean cuisine is relatively light, less greasy, and basically do not add MSG, vegetables to raw food based, made in a cold manner. Good or bad taste in the chef’s fingers. Tasted the kimchi kimchi guests are the Korean food culture of the essence of unforgettable. Korean barbecue with high protein, low cholesterol beef.

Korean barbecue grill?

brought Korean food, people immediately think of it is the barbecue. The same is barbecue, Korean food is very different from the Chinese and Korean barbecue equipment. Chinese barbecue in the meat will be pre cooked on the grill (iron nails into the flat), the following burning firewood roast; while the Korean meal of meat in the meat of its delicious crisp tender, so that everyone who will relish the taste. This is because each of the South Korean restaurant stores are very attached to the selection of materials, a lot of Korean cuisine with beef from the special meat company. According to the different parts of the meat, beef cattle feed here also have different formulations. It is said that some cattle rearing, to drink beer every day, listening to music, but also to receive a special massage. It is not known whether it is true. However, the South Korean barbecue material is strictly true.

Korean barbecue grill, creating market opportunities to bring wealth. Quasi Korean restaurant market vacancy, Teppanyaki primarily in the same project, talent shows itself, with stereoscopic eyes, nose, ears, selling tongue and body to impress consumers, has been recognized by the vast number of consumers


Korean Teppanyaki based on Korea Teppanyaki heritage, through careful research, will be a variety of vegetables with rich trace elements which make some three high population can also enjoy the delicious Teppanyaki bring temptation, eat more healthy.

Korean barbecue grill is a new, unique food and beverage projects, will have a broad market prospects.

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