What are the profitable business opportunities in rural areas in 2016

vast rural areas, in fact, has a lot of opportunities for development, but because people can not dig out the business opportunities, has not been favored by entrepreneurs. In fact, as long as we carefully tap, really from the market point of view, the countryside can still have a lot of money to make good business opportunities. So, what are the opportunities to make money in rural areas in 2016?

1.2016 what are the opportunities for making money in rural areas? Straw building materials (resource reuse, green environmental protection, the future direction of science and Technology)

with China’s 30 years of natural resources of the overdraft, which timber shortage has pushed with soaring prices caused Home Furnishing building materials prices remain high, but because it is not only crop straw waste, low cost and recyclable resources, use it to make production of building materials and furniture, not only greatly reduce the cost, because the material is light green, market potential.

2.2016 what are the opportunities for making money in rural areas? Seedling professional market (professional breeding more and more)

seedlings in rural demand potential, especially some of the economic benefits of high quality seedlings, more popular with farmers. Therefore, the establishment of seedlings franchise market, the return of rich.

3.2016 what are the opportunities for making money in rural areas? Talent intermediary market (shortage of migrant workers, rural surplus labor force, talent transfer)


has a lot of professional expertise of the elite and craftsmen in the countryside, because there is no intermediary bypass and useless. The opening of rural talent market can make these people give full play to their talents and create wealth for the society.

is now out of business in rural people work more busy, some farmers encounter serious labor shortage, the need to hire. Some people have trouble finding jobs. The labor market can be set up between the two sides to create a way for the surplus labor force.

4.2016 what are the opportunities for making money in rural areas? Science and technology service market (urgent need of farmers’ science and technology guidance)

adjust the industrial structure, the development of efficient agriculture, farmers on the urgent need to grasp the cultivation, breeding and processing industry, a variety of advanced and practical technology. If we set up a market for science and technology services in rural areas, we will be able to help farmers solve the problem, but also be able to obtain considerable remuneration.

5.2016 what are the opportunities for making money in rural areas? Household goods demand purchasing (rural O2O)

rural areas, presumably traffic in general, spending power is also general. You can rent a facade, sell cheap household merchandise to sell. Ask the local people to see the recommendation

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