NASA finds the new earth shocking all mankind

in the whole universe and space, the earth has been regarded as a habitable planet only, but with the progress of science and technology, people are constantly exploring the mysteries of the universe, and hope to find earth like planets with life characteristics.

the planet by the Kepler space telescope, named Kepler 452b, 1400 light-years from earth. It is 60% larger than the earth, "age" of the age of 6 billion, or even bigger than the sun for 1 billion 500 million years. Kepler – 452b revolves around a star, just in the "habitable zone", where the surface temperature allows liquid water to exist. Its revolution period is 385 days, close to the earth’s revolution period. Scientists also found that Kepler – 452b around the star is also similar to the sun. NASA said it was so far found with the earth and the sun, the most similar combination of planets and stars.


"veteran" Kepler brings a new found

it to life in sixteenth Century to seventeenth Century, the famous German astronomer Johannes · named after Kepler, is the world’s first dedicated to detect extrasolar terrestrial planets spacecraft. It flies around the sun, the orbit and the earth orbit basically coincide, a cycle of about 372 days.

the design tasks for a period of 3.5 years. April 2012, NASA announced the extension of the Kepler telescope mission, so it is now considered extended service.


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