Mahogany furniture ten brands list

some people choose the modern style of decoration, it is natural to choose a classic style of decoration, and for the classical style of decoration, a variety of mahogany furniture has naturally become a good choice. However, although the fiery mahogany furniture, but many brands are fake brands, making it difficult for people to choose. Next, let Xiaobian introduce the ten major brands of mahogany furniture list, so that you are more familiar with the brand of the industry, so as to choose the right real big brand.

ten mahogany furniture brand ranking NO.1, niannianhong: founded in 1989, the national protection of trademark, famous trademark in Zhejiang Province, one of the largest furniture production base of domestic research, niannianhong furniture (International) group limited.

ten mahogany furniture brand ranking NO.2, AP: Hongkong in 1977, foreign investment in advanced enterprises, the National Federation of Furniture Industry Association executive director of Specialized Committee Chinese mahogany furniture, American Furniture Co. Ltd. ·.

ten mahogany furniture brand ranking, NO.3 weeks old: one of Shanghai mahogany furniture standardization technical committee member, the modern advanced technology of furniture, mahogany furniture ten brands, Shanghai Laozhou Rosewood Furniture Co. ltd..

ten mahogany furniture brand ranking NO.4, Union home: in 1992, the professional classical mahogany furniture scale provider, the strength of the mahogany furniture manufacturing enterprises, brand influence industry, Shenzhen Xiangli craft furniture co..

ten mahogany furniture brand ranking NO.5, hongguxuan: Guangdong famous brand, Guangdong famous brand, Guangdong private technology enterprises, is committed to the luxurious dark hardwood furniture product development and production, Zhongshan hongguxuan Furniture Co., ltd..

ten mahogany furniture brand ranking NO.6, rosewood: national trademark protection, Mingtang brand-name products in Zhejiang Province, the leading classical mahogany furniture manufacturing enterprises, Dongyang mahogany furniture enterprises, Dongyang City Hall Rosewood Furniture Co. ltd..

ten mahogany furniture brand rankings: NO.7, yuanhengli Beijing famous trademarks, integrated enterprise development design production and sales in the professional production of classical hardwood furniture in Ming and Qing Dynasties, Beijing yuanhengli Classical Furniture Co., ltd..

ten mahogany furniture brand ranking NO.8, new bright red: national trademark protection, Chinese National Museum collection unit, Dongyang mahogany furniture enterprises, mahogany furniture brand influence, Dongyang Xinming mahogany furniture Co. ltd..

ten mahogany furniture brand rankings: NO.9, Leo was founded in 1986.

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