What are the venture capital projects

small investment risk is low, entrepreneurs are more inclined to such projects. For many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, the choice of a good project is critical to join. Now there are a lot of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to invest in the project, the threshold is low risk, is the best choice for their business. The following Xiaobian to recommend a few for you:

1) store to highlight their own characteristics; 2) location service object; 3) should reflect the professional service; 4) can use the membership management mode; 5) investment benefit: count rent, decoration, equipment and tools in advance of investment about 50 thousand yuan will be open for business. Generally speaking, the cost can be recovered in about 3 months.

1) – Investment: 300 thousand yuan; 2) investment form: join into owned 3); store area: 20 square meters; 4): general store rents can choose 4000-5000 yuan / month; 5) investment location: noble area secondary downtown area; 6) consumer groups: the pursuit of personality, nature of young people male dominated, 7); investment return period: 1 years.


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