How to open a car beauty shop location

car beauty shop is now becoming more and more, many people want to engage in auto beauty shop investment. So, if you open a car beauty shop, then how the site is better? Xiao Bian introduced.

choose the shop principle according to different target store types, because different types of shops, such as independent shop, shop, shop, shop and so on monolayer multilayer corresponding location principle, different. In any case, the following principles are general principles that should be considered:

(1) has enough target customers. Including human flow, potential and realistic purchasing power.

(2) has convenient traffic conditions. If the customer’s level belongs to the car race, then you should also consider the parking problem.

(3) to facilitate the distribution of goods. For large commodities, commodity distribution, a large number of frequent goods store, this is particularly important.

(4) can be achieved at a cost-effective price. It is not simply to consider, because in general, and the rent amount obtained from the address of the income is proportional to the. Economic considerations can not be a single item of cost expenditure or income, but should be the difference between the two.

(5) local public security conditions are good.

(6) public infrastructure complete.

(7) neighbor store the address of the content, style and other aspects of the passenger flow will not store this system of contradictions and disharmony.

(8) operating in the lot is in conformity with the relevant laws and regulations.

is more than some of the car beauty shop site selection, I hope we can play a certain role in the help, only the choice of a good address, so shop in order to thrive, we need to pay more attention to.

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