How to find a treasure house

for entrepreneurs, the choice of a good investment project is a prerequisite for successful entrepreneurship, want to start a more smooth way to choose a good location. As we all know, densely populated places are relatively easy to do business, high traffic for the business to bring huge profits. So it is important to choose a good place to start a business, how can we find a treasure?

this is for entrepreneurs to customized business places, facilities, and government preferential policy support. Shanghai has many business parks, such as Putuo District online business park, Changning District Industrial Park, Yangpu District Wujiaochang processing high-tech Pioneering Park, Huangpu District diamond jewelry business park, Changning District Youth Science and technology park. The positioning of these entrepreneurial parks are different, entrepreneurs can choose according to their entrepreneurial direction.

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international living area:

as the Putuo area, Xuhui area, Pudong Sanlin area of ancient beauty and cheap houses, 844000 housing area in recent years due to the residents to move into and become the new population, services, retail, catering, daily life in the field of education, offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs.

There are a lot of real property idle

: emerging market shops

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