How to deal with the problem of excessive taste

as long as the catering business, many consumers are tasting will decide whether to buy, and such a taste, it will encounter some customers over taste. So, for the shop, how to solve this problem? To tell the truth, the business, what kind of customers we will encounter, excessive bargaining, pilfering, and pick out and discard the goods…… These customer behavior let owners complain incessantly, and helpless.

I am most afraid of customers over the taste of the naked food store. Once a woman led the child to the store, the child saw the store in the form of bulk sweets, to buy, the woman asked me, where the production? What time did you play? Is there a certificate? After I answered finished, the woman picked up a small package of cookies he began to taste the first tear, said not so sweet, and formed a "Honey three knife", after eating, and too greasy, third picked up a small cake beside children separately.

to tell you the truth let me move her to taste the cakes a bit distressed, you know a pound of pastry can also said 6, 6 yuan a pound, it folded this one to one yuan, the purchase price is 5.5 yuan, sell a pound of profit to 5 angle. This move for which the owner will be distressed, but in order not to lose the source, I still said nothing, but the customers taste after that packaging is not health, told the children to wait for the supermarket to buy, then led the children away.

in order to avoid such things happen, I changed the nude food packaging, the original carton, covered with plastic wrap, now replaced by the iron box, above a transparent glass cover, put a small dish, the nude make-up food into pieces, with a toothpick string, next to write a low price: XX "XX cookies, welcome to taste." This allows customers to taste, but also to solve the customer’s excessive taste. The problem was solved quickly.

for a lot of food, the customer if you don’t eat them, they do not know how to taste, naturally there is no way to decide whether to buy, but this country for taste, owner will undoubtedly lead to a great loss. Therefore, in the operation, I look forward to now consumers can improve their shopping quality. Similarly, the owners have to learn to interact with customers empathy, truly civilized shopping, so that the market truly harmonious!

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