How to open a clothing shop to take good photos of clothing

as a shop, because customers have no direct contact with the physical, so the picture will become the bridge between the communication". So, if you want to make your business more popular, you need to take a better picture. And, as more and more people to create a clothing shop, taking photographs of clothing is also a noteworthy event, to know the fashion photos directly determines how your clothing sales, the following Xiaobian together to learn how to shoot the shop to open clothing clothing pictures.

1, camera

to shoot the beauty of clothing must first have an entry-level SLR camera — on the line, now the market price of about 2000-2500 between. SLR imaging and lighting is better than a fool’s machine, it may take a lot of fool machine can not shoot the effect, especially the effect of micro distance photography is no words.

2, clothing carrier

I think clothing is best to wear on the body to express the beauty of a garment, it is recommended that you find a good MM help or please two or three flow models, many small companies will pick the single model, the price is not expensive per hour dozens to more than and 100 are and have models and photographers rental if you don’t have faith in yourself, please also can visit a photographer.

if you do not want to ask the model is very confident of their own cool friends, you can buy a fake model. That shot out of the clothes have a sense of hierarchy and reality.

3, lighting

lighting preferred natural light, in the morning of 8 – 10 at this time to the surrounding park or the flow of people is not a street shooting, remember to let the backlight model and clothing can be full light, especially in dark clothes, with natural light to the best performance of clothes.

indoor shooting to pay attention to a few points:

1, indoor lighting, lighting equipment is the first professional, I have a simple method to fluorescent lamp – type, convenient adjusting angle and multifunctional use.

2, if there is no model that is hanging or placed on the ground, it is strongly recommended hanging, so shoot out a better sense of hierarchy.

3, background, it is recommended that we prepare different monochrome or striped wallpaper, with different clothing use, you can highlight the characteristics of clothing.

photos of the shooting is a skill to speak of, if you can master more skills, you can shoot a more perfect picture, so that the clothing store business change >

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