Micro blog college students to make a lot of money

micro-blog is now popular   a kind of entertainment. So with micro-blog to promote, promote their coffee house, you thought? Several young college students, not only thought, but also to do!

log color door, three or four small tables, a wall of books, and dotted with green plants. This is the first impression to the people of the bean sprouts ". Simple, comfortable, but also a little literary odor.

"sprouts", a quietly opened at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law next to the coffee house, a five college students set up a small business. "Only by love, we are through the research". Wednesday afternoon, the students are basically "sprouts" inside the class, only a few people scattered.

if not well-off Wang take the initiative to greet reporters, he is the boss of. His words are not high, wearing a purple sweater, looks not like what two and ordinary college students. There is no one who would like to dress up a very young alternative." Wang Xiaokang said with a smile. "But when we decided to do this book, there are reasons for this."

Xu Tao, Wang Xiaokang, Hu Yu

"hobby alone can not, before we passed the investigation, similar to the shop to examine all over our city. Finally, that the project is feasible and in my opened near the shop, on the one hand is here to students, teachers, good market prospects. On the other hand can also take into account their studies." Wang Xiaokang on his own business revealed a self-confidence.

"to us here, most of them are like us, love of literature and art. More than young people, I think the pursuit of freedom, the quality of life is not divided into age, as long as there is a common interest can come to our party. We also want to build a community for everyone to share sprouts."

to art but also to make money

"open the coffee house, the short term is not intended to make money for the sole purpose of." Wang Xiaokang went on to say. But if you do not make money, how money will continue to operate the book go on. They smiled at each other.

"may our profit is not much, but.

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