Nanjing members suggested the establishment of returnees Employment Service Center

in recent years, the increase in the number of returnees. Nanjing currently has 30 thousand returnees talent, for this reason, the CPPCC members suggested that it should be set up in Nanjing, returnees employment service center, in order to actively implement the preferential policies for entrepreneurship.

as the earlier group of returnees talent, in 1996, Yang Gaocai successfully made Nanjing University of Science and Technology weapon system engineering master’s degree in the same year he won the French Paris mba. Romantic Paris can not keep the heart of Yang Gaocai, after graduation, he was full of entrepreneurial passion, quickly returned to the motherland.

returnees talent has become one of the most important source of China’s talent pool, to help a new batch of returnees to find ways for future development, can effectively play the talent talent, let the returnees in the motherland more sense of belonging.

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