Why didn’t the Zhangzhou commercial housing to obtain a permit

when we buy a house in the life, developers need to produce the relevant procedures, especially the so-called five card is indispensable. Zhangzhou can not handle the commercial housing, a total of 20 projects, the new old have, most of the hair was actually a square of 4700 sets. The more than 14 thousand and 300 house, for various reasons do not permit, the equivalent of not the identity of "black". Recently, Zhangzhou circle of friends circulated such a mysterious form, the record can not handle more than 1.4 sets of Zhangzhou can not handle commercial housing. Related to people’s real estate, this figure is very high spread.

however, the authenticity of this figure, no one has proved. So the authority of the sea king quickly to help you verify this event! Reporters confirmed by the Zhangzhou real estate center, the network transfer map can not be certified commercial housing ploidy, and the problems behind the basically true.

point open to see if you have a

commercial housing on the map, not only can not handle real estate license, the transaction will also exist many hidden dangers. "Now the house, the price of 4000 yuan to sell, even people who are not." Xiao Bian a friend Tucao, the recent commercial housing a day a price, she bought the house was rotten in the hands, it is really not the price of cabbage. Want to buy second-hand housing people, thousands of eyes, because the property can not do card, the price will be very low, at least less than the surrounding real estate 1000-2000 yuan / square meters, not to pursue cheap, buy property can not permit, not to go to school, many problems become trading risks, then set man finally "".

behind the reasons behind the

this network map inside, a simple list of these real estate can not do the reasons. Terminology is very professional, in order to facilitate the public to understand, Xiao Bian specifically to the real estate registration center consulting, will be roughly attributed to 3 categories.

1. special acceptance did not pass

developers in the need for acceptance before the entire process, a total of several major items, developers must be one by one clearance. The main quality inspection, quality supervision station acceptance, special inspection in the top three. The special inspection and subdivided 9 items: planning, greening, environmental protection, traffic police, fire protection, lightning protection, air defense, health, land review and acceptance etc..

can not pass, when there is a problem, often more than one. The house is equivalent to the main part of the cover, but there are many parts of the problem. Planning, civil air defense, fire acceptance is not more common, the so-called completion of the map and the results of Surveying and mapping is not the same, the land is not the same as the planning and land permits, in fact, described the problem of super volume rate. This problem is very common, almost real estate sector open secret. Informed sources to Xiaobian recommend

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