Hangzhou entrepreneurship everywhere

different attitudes towards entrepreneurship in each city, the relevant entrepreneurial policies are also different, so that the development of the local entrepreneurial nature is also different. For such a rapid development of Hangzhou, a large city, the development of entrepreneurship, everywhere.

although the A shares are still below 3000 points finishing concussion, but Zhejiang’s entrepreneurs are bullish, many investors are optimistic about the project to check waving. According to the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of statistics data, as of the end of March, Hangzhou has 394 enterprises to obtain investment. Plus this month announced the acquisition of a number of financing companies, Hangzhou, at least more than and 400 start-ups have been favored venture capital.


400 a number of companies to get venture capital

Hangzhou innovation fire burn more prosperous

ant gold service completed $4 billion 500 million B round of financing, becoming the focus of media attention. In the side of the tree, a lot of small trees are rooting. In April 22nd, with the shield technology to complete the $32 million B+ financing; in April 23rd, the main cross-border container carrier service platform card brother technology announced the completion of the A round of ten million level of RMB financing, lead investor Weisong Wo capital; a push is completed C round of financing 700 million yuan. Before the cross-border electronic business platform fresh LIFE, dimensional culture, two, has announced the acquisition of more financing.

according to the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of statistics and the National Bureau of investigation team Hangzhou data show that Hangzhou’s innovation momentum continued a quarter of the Hangzhou agglomeration: a new enterprise 16 thousand and 100, an increase of 49.4%; the new individual industrial and commercial households 14 thousand and 500, an increase of 25.9%; at the end of the main market in 776 thousand and 300 households, an increase of 15.5%, of which 378 thousand and 600 enterprises, growth of 19.8%.

According to

statistics, Hangzhou City 81 into the statistics of the public record space has 315 enterprises (projects) to obtain an angel round of investment, investment of 836 million yuan, 67 enterprises to obtain A round of investment, investment of 972 million yuan, 12 enterprises to obtain B round of investment, investment of 1 billion 200 million yuan. Plus this month announced the financing of enterprises, Hangzhou has at least more than and 400 start-ups, get the venture capital.


the rise of venture capital in Hangzhou

resource sharing chain binding method

long lost class, see the example of cattle, to see the direction of continuous efforts." This month, the silver shop CEO Chen Ruigui and other 49 small partners together, in the green camp of Tencent to receive training, recommend

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