Chengdu beauty to create a classic West

Chengdu can be ranked first in China’s western innovation and entrepreneurial city, where the production of beauty, engaged in the business of beauty is also increasing. Many women in Chengdu to create a business classic. To create a model for the national female clients.

"when the dream into reality I would step up, for the start I have unlimited vision." Liu Yonghao, former richest man in Sichuan, the first foreign affairs assistant, told reporters in the face of their own entrepreneurial feelings in the face of reporters, said Wang Yonghua.

"at present, our platform has signed with more than 300 domestic youth education, training, consulting, development agencies in partnership,   more than 200 schools signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the 32 first-tier cities have quality education services nearly 300 offline experience network." Wang Yonghua about the platform will be to promote future China quality education "concept, will change the quality of education Chinese is not comprehensive, the problem of single products and services, so as to enhance the education level of service standards. The aim is to speed up the development of quality education in China, and push the quality education in China to the whole world.

The origin of

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