Car shop business plan

cars are coming into the family. Car decoration, it has become a promising industry. Open a car decoration shop, do not need a big investment, there is no high technical threshold, is a viable business plan.

plan upfront investment of about 5-10 million yuan investment in equipment: counter, facade decoration, computer and simple furniture, one-time investment of about 20 thousand yuan.

3 months running costs: a new shop opened, to prepare for two or three months without business preparation, it is best to prepare for the first half of the operating costs of about 30 thousand yuan a month.

into payment: the store, the store to prepare about 20 thousand yuan worth of car decoration materials. Of course, if there is a vendor willing to let you sell the decoration materials, sell and then settlement, the cost can be saved.

monthly income according to the market, a Passat to do the ordinary vehicle decoration fee of about 3000-5000 yuan, an ordinary Santana vehicle decoration, charges 2000-3000 yuan. But the overall decoration of the vehicle is relatively small, and to do local decoration for more. A small store, normal operation, the monthly turnover of 4-5 million.

rent monthly expenditure: in the vicinity of more high-grade residential areas, rent a 20-40 square meters of the facade, plus utilities and property management fees, generally spend 2000-5000 yuan per month.

note location is very important. May be the most important part of the car decoration shop, the site is not successful, a store may not survive. First of all, cannot be selected >

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