On milk how much is the whole to join

on milk, how? Hot projects, hot market. Less investment costs, profit margins are very good. For small business franchisee, entrepreneurs choose to join the energy-saving projects, open their own energy-saving stores, the shop is to make


friends, don’t ask on milk, the initial fee, first look on milk. Wenzhou Yiming Food Co., the company was founded in 1982 in Ouhai and spring aquaculture association. The United States was engaged in the cause of the chicken, in the city’s first venture, effectively solve the daily supply of chicken and eggs in the public basket. Due to outstanding achievements, joint founder of Comrade Zhu Mingchun is "people’s Daily", Xinhua news agency, known as the "chicken king", was named the provincial labor union collective model in 1985, comrade Zhu Mingchun himself was awarded the title of national model in 1989". In fact, there are a lot of people, on milk, absolutely ignorant of jiamengfei.

since 1995, the government departments at all levels of leadership and under the care and guidance, after the company all staff seriously, integrity of the business, the company has natural milk base 62 and a million hens breeding farm, has become a Nissan 400 thousand bottle of milk production capacity, with two world-class production line modern dairy enterprises, and business and organization construction company has been steady and rapid development. Next, is the witness, energy-saving jiamengfei moment.


on milk, how? Fly? Of course, is very reliable choice, but also a very good choice. If you join on energy-saving projects, is very seductive, hurry up!

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