2016 what are the matters needing attention

2016 spring is coming, dormant winter entrepreneurs have begun to carry out their own entrepreneurial activities. Open a noodle shop investment is not high and easy to use, is a lot of small entrepreneurs in the spring of 2016, the first choice.

1, positioning their own customer groups: General rice consumers are low-income people, the city’s most common for young women groups or students. The majority of women are more interested in stimulating food, while the students are most like the low cost of food and beverage, 35 yuan for the working families and students can accept. This positioning is accurate or not will determine the future development of store business!

2, taste Technology: delicious rice noodle can make people eat memorable! Even if you can not make up for the good health service position can not make up for this deficiency, you can not sell cheap people may eat. If you taste good and then reasonable service and management, do not worry about the business is not good, basically according to my survey there are a lot of stores are more or less inadequate. Technology determines the quality of your late development, want to expand the business chain stores must be technically strong, do not always think about the head of free pie!

3, the choice of the store address: with the above positioning then we choose the store will be playing in the heart of the abacus, the store opened in what position the most appropriate. Of course, the more people, the better. It will determine your business after 70%


4, decoration problem: because you are operating a snack, not a big hotel, to you the most of the consumption of low-income people, your luxury decoration will be a lot of guests directly out of the door. So open a noodle snack bar is the best decoration plain, simple, a little public, which will be more favored by low-income consumers.

5, service: the customer is always your God! You are not their white busy, that was not the business of customers who will be anxious. In the process of service to learn how to get along with others and communication, not to teach you to look at the guests giggle, but smile service, from the bottom of my heart smile is the world’s most beautiful and most pure expression.

6, health issues: health should be a must pay attention to food and beverage and a problem. Especially in large cities to do more attention should be paid to food and beverage stores, the store must be arranged to arrange special personnel to immediately clean, thoroughly clean the guest. Especially in the summer to pay attention to the prevention and control of mosquitoes, and then a small food and beverage shops should be strict hygiene.

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