Female college students to share the experience of open shop when the self

The new era of

, Nei’s case is more and more entrepreneurs on the road, many more women entrepreneurs at the forefront. After graduating from the University of Wang, after facing the employment of baptism, decided to online business, now her business is more and more fire.

"stones" in the beginning, Wang Longyu also fell somersault, had "burned". "Peach-Shaped Mantou noodle brand in Jurong, I was the first one to do, but because of a lack of business knowledge and experience, and there has been no manufacturers signed an agency agreement, was another merchant to get the right agent, manufacturers no longer supply directly to me, I can only wholesale from the agent. Compared with the past, profit has shrunk, to lose more than 6000 yuan a month." Wang Longyu talked about the matter with deep hatred and resentment.

"maintenance shop, attract popularity is a major weakness of Wang Longyu business shop. Shop page of the "interior design" requires professional and technical, for the layman, Wang Longyu, unable to do anything; ignore customer service is to let her into a passive. At first, Wang Longyu did not find out the law of operation of online sales, only pay attention to sell goods, ignore the evaluation visit and customer service to customers, resulting in online "dynamic evaluation" is very low, the shop’s reputation and credibility is affected, it also let her lost a part of the customer.

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