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Dubai Charges Moroccan with ‘Assault, Drink-Driving, Stealing Taxi’

Rabat – The Dubai criminal court has charged a Moroccan man with “stealing a taxi, crashing it into a villa and then assaulting two police officers,” the Emirati news outlet the National reported Tuesday.The incident goes back to the early hours of September 13 last year when the 24-year-old Moroccan suspect called a taxi to take him to Mirdif area in Dubai after spending the evening drinking.When the suspect arrived to his destination, he got out of the taxi to bring money to pay the Pakistani taxi driver, according to court hearing. “I dropped him off and he asked me to wait for him so he could get money to pay me,” the taxi driver told the hearing.After waiting for long, the Pakistani driver went looking for the Moroccan man, but left “his car keys in the ignition,” according to the National.The suspect came back, taking advantage of the absence of the driver, accelerated the car and smashed it against a nearby villa.Read Also: Moroccan Athlete Wins 2018 Dubai 270-Kilometer Ultra MarathonNot only did the Moroccan crash the car but he wanted to smash another one as well.“But he didn’t return after entering the house. Then I saw him near the villa using a bicycle to smash a parked Toyota car,” the taxi driver said.The story went on as the suspect assaulted two police officers who came to arrest him.“He repeatedly kicked the back door of our police patrol vehicle as we were trying to get him inside it,” said one of the officers.The Moroccan suspect was charged with “assault, drink driving and damaging property,” reported the National.Since the Moroccan man was blind drunk, he could not remember anything of the damage he caused.“I can’t recall what happened that day,” he told the court.Read Also: Mariam Amjoun, 9-Year-Old Moroccan, Wins Dubai’s Arab Reading Challenge read more

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US UN envoys meet Speaker on Constitutional crisis

Envoys from the US and the UN met Speaker Karu Jayasuriya today to discuss the Constitutional crisis which has affected the country.Chargés d’affaires of the US Embassy in Colombo Robert Hilton and a top official of the UN office in Colombo met the Speaker in Parliament. The Speaker’s office said that the US officials noted US concerns over the political situation in the country and the need to resolve it soon.The official from the UN had also expressed similar sentiments.

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