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Annan urges lawful approach to Afghan poll dispute as experts named to

In a statement released by his spokesman, Mr. Annan said “that the election was held without major security incident is a tribute to the determination” of Afghans.The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) also reported there was massive popular participation in the balloting, enthusiasm around the country and safe conditions for voting.The Joint Electoral Management Body (JEMB), the UN-Afghan body charged with overseeing the country’s electoral process, said that after extended discussions yesterday about reported irregularities it had decided to set up a panel “to further enhance the transparency and legitimacy of the election.”After a request from JEMB, the UN nominated Craig Jenness, a former Canadian diplomat and experienced jurist, and Staffan Darnolf, a Swedish election administration expert, to serve on the probe. The European Union has been asked to help identify a third panellist.The investigators will first examine any issue that would require a specific ballot box to be isolated from the counting process, which is expected to take several weeks, for further evaluation.”This will allow the two exercises – counting and investigation – to proceed simultaneously,” the JEMB said in its statement today.The panel will supplement the work of the JEMB’s own complaints and investigations unit, which is also examining Saturday’s result. Presidential candidates have been given until tomorrow evening to submit their complaints.The head of the support team for the election monitors from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Ambassador Robert Barry, told reporters yesterday that while there were some irregularities, any demand to nullify the election was unjustified.”October 9 was a historic day in Afghanistan, and the millions who came to the polls clearly wanted to turn from the rule of the gun to the rule of the law. If their aspirations are to be met, disputes about the validity of election results should be dealt with as the law provides,” he said.Mr. Barry said one of the problems focused on the indelible ink, which was stamped on each voter’s hand so that they could not vote more than once. In some cases the ink rubbed off, especially after people washed their hands vigorously.”I don’t know whether the problem was primarily using the wrong marker, although I know that in many cases that was the issue, because the markers in the kits looked very similar,” he said. “But there were obviously other places where the bottles of ink supplied were dried out.”UNAMA also said that while there were problems with the indelible ink process, they had been solved by late morning on Saturday.In some polling stations, Mr. Barry added, the agents of candidates or election personnel were observed coaching people about how they should vote. In other stations, candidate agents or election observers were barred from entering.”Clearly that kind of incident should not happen. But again it’s not unique that it happened here,” he observed. “It happens in many countries, especially where polling station staff is not very well acquainted with the rules and regulations.”Saturday’s election was the first of its kind in Afghanistan, which endured more than two decades of war and Taliban misrule until late 2001. read more

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Trimble acquires Terralite assets from Novariant to expand its positioning technology portfolio

first_imgTrimble is a leading innovator of GPS technology. In addition to providing advanced GPS components, Trimble augments GPS with other positioning technologies as well as wireless communications and software to create complete customer solutions. Trimble’s worldwide presence and capabilities position it for growth in emerging applications including surveying, automobile navigation, machine guidance, asset tracking, wireless platforms, and telecommunications infrastructure. Trimble has acquired the Terralite assets from Novariant to expand its portfolio of positioning solutions. The Terralite XPS technology is a scalable infrastructure that generates signals for real-time positioning to augment existing Global Positioning System (GPS) coverage. The technology uses a network of ground-based transmitter stations to broadcast a proprietary signal to one or more mobile GPS+XPS receivers. Using Terralites allow operators of GPS-enabled machines, such as drills, bulldozers, shovels and haul trucks, to receive continuous real-time positioning information in locations where conventional GPS satellite signals may be obstructed or unavailable.“The Terralite asset acquisition expands Trimble’s technology portfolio and can enable us to offer an even broader range of positioning solutions,” said Bryn Fosburgh, vice president of Trimble. “The solution can improve the efficiency and productivity of surface mining and other high-value site operations challenged by limited or no GPS coverage.”GPS is a proven utility for determining positioning on the Earth’s surface. However, in certain cases it requires augmentation in areas with obstructed views of the sky, such as heavily forested areas, near high walls in open-pit mines, and areas with overhead obstructions such as bridges and cranes. A variety of technologies have been implemented to augment GPS, including the development of receivers that track GPS along with additional GNSS signals, and the use of optical technology, inertial systems, cellular network assisted GPS, LAN-based positioning, laser augmented GPS and others.Operations such as open pits can enhance the continuity, efficiency and productivity of GPS applications by deploying the Terralite technology to have direct control of positioning coverage in their area.last_img read more

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Caterpillar China manufactures and delivers first complete longwall AFC

first_imgCaterpillar (Langfang) Mining Equipment recently manufactured its first full armoured face conveyor (AFC) system for longwall mining. Previously the facility, located in Hebei Province, China, had produced only line pans for AFC systems. Producing the first full AFC system marks a milestone in the facility’s evolution as a key mining equipment manufacturing plant for Caterpillar and the region. Langfang premium longwall products will serve mining companies worldwide.The new Cat® AFC has been delivered to the Datong Coal Mine Group (Tongmei) for use in the Dongzhouyao mine in Shanxi Province. Datong is the third largest state-owned coal mining enterprise in China. Tongmei Group, the parent of Datong, first acquired an AFC in 2004 from the company that is now Caterpillar. Tongmei is the largest AFC customer globally for Caterpillar. The new AFC system marks the 39th delivered to Chinese mines by Caterpillar and its predecessors in the longwall equipment line.The new AFC system is designed for longwall top coal caving (LTCC) to mine a coal seam as thick as 8 m. Face length will be 260 m. The LTCC mining method enables recovering thick seams economically by cutting the lower portion of the seam as is normally done and then recovering coal that caves as the face moves forward.The premium face conveyor is composed of Cat PF6 line pans. The innovative modular design separates wear-resistant hardened steel parts and the substructure made of high-strength steel. The design enables easy replacement of wear parts without damaging the substructure.  The front AFC has transport capacity of 2,500 t/h, and the rear AFC has capacity of 3,000 t. Each of the conveyors has total installed power of 2 x 1,050 kW. The beam stage loader is a Cat BSLPF6 with capacity of 3,500 t/h and 600 kW installed capacity.WesTrac China, the Cat dealer in northern and northeast China, delivered the system and will provide service and support through its facilities and personnel based in the region.last_img read more

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