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Jayalalithaa writes to Modi again on Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan strategy of not releasing the fishing boats, the sole source of livelihood of the poor fishermen, was further aggravating the situation. At present, 30 fishing boats were in Sri Lankan custody and were facing the risk of damage beyond repair with the impending advent of the monsoon, Ms. Jayalalithaa said.The Chief Minister reiterated that India should not treat the International Maritime Boundary Line with Sri Lanka as a settled question as the constitutionality of the 1974 and 1976 agreements had been challenged in the Supreme Court. Urging him to secure the release of these fishermen and their craft along with the 21 others and their 30 boats who are already in Sri Lankan custody, Ms. Jayalalithaa requested Mr. Modi to use all diplomatic channels to ensure that “our fishermen are allowed to pursue their livelihood with freedom and peace of mind in their traditional waters.” Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jeyaram  has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again, expressing concern over the repeated arrest of fishermen from Tamil Nadu by the Sri Lankan Navy, The Hindu newspaper reportedThis is the third time in a week that fishermen had been apprehended. Seven fishermen in a motorised boat set sail for fishing from Therespuram fishing base of Tuticorin District on September 26. They were apprehended in the Gulf of Mannar area by the island navy on September 29 and taken to Negombo in Sri Lanka. “In spite of the several steps being taken by my Government with an accommodative frame of mind to devise a permanent solution to this sensitive livelihood issue, the situation at sea remains precarious with the dubious actions of the Sri Lankan Government. I have been requesting the Government of India to wage a strong diplomatic offensive to uphold the rights and interests of our Indian fishermen from Tamil Nadu. The Sri Lankan Government continues its series of arrests of our fishermen while fishing in their traditional waters,” she said. read more

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Not a single child spared the mindboggling violence of Yemens war

“In Yemen today, nearly 1.2 million children continue to live in 31 active conflict zones including Hudaydah, Taizz, Hajjah and Sa’da – in areas witnessing heavy, war-related violence”, said Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa.Since the Stockholm Agreement was reached following UN-brokered consultations last December between the Yemeni Government and Houthi rebel leaders, not enough has changed for the children there, the senior agency official declared.The impact of the conflict in Yemen runs deep and has not spared a single child – UNICEF Regional DirectorEvery day since then, he said, children have been killed or injured, mostly while playing outdoors or on their way to or from school.“The impact of the conflict in Yemen runs deep and has not spared a single child”, spelled out Mr. Cappelaere. “Mind-boggling violence over the past four years, high levels of poverty, and decades of conflicts, neglect and deprivation, are putting a heavy strain on Yemeni society, tearing apart its social fabric – fundamental for any society and especially for children”. UNICEF and its humanitarian partners have stepped-up efforts to tackle the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, with the World Bank and UNICEF providing 1.5 million of the country’s poorest families with emergency cash assistance, to help prevent illegal child labour practices, marriage or recruitment into rebel forces.“In 2019, UNICEF is appealing for $542 million to continue responding to the massive needs of children in Yemen,” the Regional Director said.Noting that generosity alone “will not bring an end to children’s suffering in Yemen”, he again called on all warring parties to “put an end to violence in hotspots and across all of Yemen, protect civilians, keep children out of harm’s way and allow humanitarian deliveries to children and their families wherever they are in the country.”As the international community meets in Geneva for a high-level pledging event for the humanitarian crisis on Tuesday, UNICEF appealed for “unconditional contributions to provide lifesaving assistance” to Yemen’s children and urged a “massive re-investment” in the country to help Yemeni children have the future every parent aspires to for their own children.“This is the only way that Yemen can stand back on its feet, stressed Mr. Cappelaere. “If not, Yemen will be riddled with violence and its future will hang by a thread – with disastrous consequences for children.” read more

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