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Watch The Quad shred baseball bats with 107000 pounds of force

first_imgFor those of you who think of baseball as not just a game, but a way of life, there is a solution for how to dispose of all the old baseball bats you have stored in your garage. We know that finding just the right bat to help you blaze your way to RBI glory is a long, ardent process that requires you to acquire a large collection of ball swatting weapons. Unfortunately, all that equipment can cause your significant other to gripe about the space it is taking up. Sure, you could just throw them away, but that wouldn’t be the best “green” solution now would it? Do yourself and the environment a favor, shred those suckers for recycling. We know just the company that can take care of them for you: SSI Shredders.Specializing in industrial shredding, SSI makes a four-shaft shredder ominously named “The Quad.” This unit is a monster that is capable of destroying things like old carpets, automobiles, steel drums, and other commercial grade waste. This thing doesn’t fool around! Pictured above is a screenshot taken from the company’s “shred of the week” video series posted on YouTube that captures The Quad in action against a large number of bats, both wooden and aluminum. The resulting carnage sees metal and wood torn apart by the massive teeth of the shredder. The unit is so powerful that some bats can be seen flying out of the hopper trying to escape their fate.For those numbers geeks out there that are wondering about specifics, I spoke with Dave Fleming from SSI to get some figures. The Quad weighs a whopping 72,000 pounds by itself, heavier when you add the power unit. The shafts create 121,000 foot-pounds of force with the shredder tips exerting 107,000 pounds on the waste to be destroyed. Each cutter on the unit weights 210 pounds giving them the strength necessary to perform. The Quad portrayed in the video below has been put into service shredding electronic devices full time. The largest items that The Quad has tackled include parts from old airplanes. Landing gear struts, avionics and fuselage pieces have all succumbed to its might.If you are in the market for an industrial shredder, The Quad is available for a mere $750,000. Pocket change, really.last_img read more

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