Month: September 2017

t causes the 12 possibility and measures of Shanghai love right down a

the first step: the first thing you need to do is the optimal keyword sort, because we are still to get high rankings. Secondly, the site before the revision of article information temporarily retained, don’t immediately delete, which also can let the spider crawling. Again, each information page retain the original regularly and now links (the so-called law is not a plus, but slowly add a certain number of).

increase the high quality chain, this time is to love Shanghai to trust the site, and not just the familiar degree, increase the number of the chain is simply the increase in love Shanghai on the website of the familiar degree, increase the high quality the chain is to increase trust in the site of Shanghai love. A very familiar person may not be your most trusted people is a reason. Shanghai is the site for the love don’t trust or distrust caused by the right down, this time to increase his familiarity is not much use, that trust is the key to recovery. If someone doesn’t want to exchange links with you, you can buy some good quality links. read more

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The use of nofollow tags are also the loss of weight

nofollow tag usage is: here is the anchor text.

Why do you want to add the nofollow tag inside the

is itself weight is 10, there are 10 links, if one of the links with the nofollow label, the weights of the remaining 9 links are 10/10 or 10/9. If the weight loss itself is nofollow, the addition of the website weight, are not what effect is this really the case.


nofollow is an attribute of the HTML tag value. It provides a way for webmasters to tell the search engine " do not follow the links on this page " or " don’t keep track of the specific link ". This tag is to tell the meaning of the search engine of the link is not after the author trust, so this link is not a vote of confidence. read more

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WeChat marketing will usher in the second spring webmaster

, there are 2 main routes, in addition to the obvious route, still go grassroots route. In the star of micro-blog fans continue to turn up at the same time, micro-blog also gradually grassroots has a lot of fans! Has a lot of fans of the grassroots micro-blog value generated here I do not speak.

1.: see nearby signature is a major feature of Tencent’s products, users can update their status at any time signature signature. Change the signature in a different location, this became mobile "gold advertising". read more

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On the Chinese hacking of foreign government websites

but as Internet technology has no end, combat hackers initiatives must also change rapidly, the so-called "the man", the hacker technology has been far from a few years ago that "


hacker has formed the industrial chain

it is undeniable that the public security organs to combat hackers got some achievements, but also do a lot of cases, the early time for deterring cyber crime did some contributions.

recently, some foreign media have reported that the United States, Germany, Britain, the French government department’s website after another by hackers, and a number of foreign media reported that hackers "from China", or even "China military". In this regard, China Foreign Ministry spokesman denied. read more

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Website optimization theory and combining the actual need to perfect

second: the theory is reliable, practical

for the majority of science origin webmaster, for the understanding of theoretical knowledge is hard to digest it, are often rather much promotion to do outside the chain is not willing to go to some of the theoretical knowledge, and according to the owners understand, website optimization is not by theory, but their own actual combat. In fact, for this, the author think that the theory is also very important, no matter what the subject is born, should be after the first theory of actual combat, because only in the premise of theoretical support, it will be more easy to analyze the actual problems, rather than empty talk theory is useless, thought, importance to the combination of theory and actual. The author, the following share: read more

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WeChat index turned out to count the index tool unknown

in the search box input "WeChat index", "WeChat search index + content", or "content + WeChat search index, with your love. Then click on the bottom of the page to search out. In the search window at the top of the WeChat client, "WeChat search index", click "search" will be able to access and access.

simple, WeChat index is WeChat mobile terminal index analysis based on the data provided by WeChat official.

WeChat index can provide real-time monitoring of the social public opinion, Internet users understand the most social issues, the focus of attention in the event, the focus of public opinion and so on, the government and enterprises to carry out research on convenient public opinion, to form an effective response to public opinion. read more

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Love Shanghai webmaster link submission tool using detailed methods


are as follows:

1, using the active push function will achieve what effect

two, automatic push

2) push sample and localized configuration

by pushing the state after the code and the field to determine whether the data successfully push.

3, how to view push feedback

1) status code is 200, said the successful push, may return the following fields. The following figure:

to discover: love Shanghai can shorten the crawler to find your site a new link time, so that the new page can be released for the first time by the love of Shanghai by read more

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The new Google advertising test nternet users subscribe to mail advertisers pay vendors

Google official explained the new form of advertising works on the outside: users in the search for a brand keywords, Google will provide an option on the right side, let searchers choose to subscribe to the brand or manufacturer of commercial mail. Once users choose, the email address (i.e. Google user account) will be sent to advertisers, will receive mail users after marketing.


this product is called "Google mail subscription advertising". The United States Mail website recently detectedevidence, Google is testing, preliminary testing brands including Honda cars, the AWeber and Constant email marketing company Contact is also involved in the test. read more

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Love Shanghai time snapshot snapshot time will no longer display Upgrade Notice

For some

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement shows: in order to meet the timeliness requirements of love Shanghai users, allowing users to more easily and quickly find the love of Shanghai, the search results page is now on-line content release time, the snapshot time prior to the replacement. The generation time of web content more accurately inform the user, reduce the user cost, improve click efficiency, but also can enhance the site’s conversion rate.

has been part of the webmaster update time for love in Shanghai snapshot there are some misunderstanding, that there is a certain relationship between the website snapshot update time and the weight of the website, the more frequently updated snapshot, the higher the weight of the site, on the contrary, the lower the. In fact, there is no direct relationship between the frequency and the weight of the site snapshot update. read more

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Not the content of the website how to optimize

is the first to say, the reader said the tourist class or class ticket page, not content, not the content is dead.

usually travel website ticket page is static page specially generated, each of the city are to generate the corresponding page, sometimes more than one page. See these pages is not the user to view the ticket in the page from the home page, but these pages are crawling on the site.

is just a small part of the actual section, there are nearly 20 different companies, time on the page within the text of the flight information, capacity and many, but also a high correlation. read more

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Study on the website and change your search engine traffic

5, if the site is search engine punishment so do not panic too much, as long as you keep the site updated, and the search engine included and continue to update, then wait a month there will be a basic change, site traffic from a downturn began to pick up, but the flow volume began to increase, but to update the website.

as a web site, the site’s current basic flow from two aspects, one is the search engine, the two is the webmaster itself brought about promotion of traffic, which brought the search engine traffic is relatively large, and occupies a very important position in the development of the site. read more

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The construction site should have meaningful value

Now the

to create an automatic transaction website is for the final customer, because the purpose of the website is to produce benefits for customers, with the increase in the number of network marketing and website production technology mature and the website, make a website is a very simple thing, but to make a website is not an automatic transaction a simple thing, it requires professional knowledge in many aspects. In addition to the development of design technology and basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, also need to do marketing psychology guidance, all the details are in place, an automatic transaction website to lay the foundation for. read more

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Analysis of document download website optimization details

download sites are generally lack of text content, basically is a lot of resource articles, each resource file becomes a download page, but also needs the resource file description text. As a kind of library site, nature is described in a library of contents of the text for example: the manager of the company’s speech, detailed description of the document, and the text is best original, there may be thousands of such a document library download site, so write up more trouble. But if there is no text, then a large number of page repeat degree is very high, or in each document download page to add a comment, but those comments content is estimated to have started to write their own, no one knows your website. If you go to find such a lot of files on the Internet, and then directly copy and paste, it is really easy, but the page quality is very poor, the inclusion and ranking are significantly negative. read more

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Dances with wolves how to win in the competition in Shanghai Dragon

Most of the current

first, we must grasp the overall development of the whole industry and our website in the industry status, determine the scope of the website promotion, for our accurate positioning, determine the site of Shanghai dragon, and then determine the real competition and avoid unnecessary competition has great effect.

then, after determining the main competitors, we must be on the website main rival Shanghai Longfeng target and the Shanghai dragon means analysis of all-round strategic level and tactical level, through a variety of data (site location, domain name age, major search engines, the number of the chain, the chain, domain distribution and quality measures station, Shanghai dragon means, including keywords, keywords set heat landing page, keywords ranking, long tail keywords mining and estimate the flow rate, conversion rate, the final estimate) to form our own corresponding website of Shanghai Longfeng overall planning. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng optimization article writing skills


1, the title title can be said to be a priority among priorities in an article, the title is included in the key word description. This is my definition, you must first contain the keywords in the title or section of the website, and if a sentence of description, not just a pile of words, can be a statement of truth, or the problem is put forward.

for the continuation of the content, also is our daily update column, we need to pay attention to the following contents:


Shanghai dragon article content operation can be divided into two categories: one is a one-time operation; what do you mean? Is that we add a content basically do not need to modify, such as our website in the company profile and contact us and other columns, these columns so some content basically is fixed. As a one-time the content to do comprehensive well, then there is no need to take care of. The second is the continuation of the operation, such as our list page in the list page need to modify the editor of a large number of articles, continuously updated content, and this is what we call the continuation of content operation. read more

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Shanghai dragon industry has to turn over time in jeopardy

The fundamental purpose of the

is not what Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon itself is only a tool rather than an aim, in order to find the search engine better our website search engine, in order to reduce the burden of work which is the most fundamental purpose of Shanghai dragon. If you talk about reality, through the Shanghai dragon to get traffic from search engines, it should be established on the premise in our content to users really useful. The search engine spiders alone is a logic program, it can not determine its content quality, the quality of the product, this is its particularity. When a really to help users, carefully run website does not conform to the search engine spiders taste, we provide excellent content and product service allows users to search not to, then we want to do the Shanghai dragon to improve it, get good rankings, this is the most reasonable Shanghai dragon. read more

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SEMFLY share my three years of experience in Shanghai Dragon

when we optimize the website, we must first select a keyword, and successfully apply for the domain name, basically sequence divided into two kinds, and few people to pay attention to these two points, some friends will certainly feel that as long as the key effect, regardless of whether he has no human search, actually this is wrong, in when we choose keywords, we try to choose some meaningful and keywords attention, when it comes to meaningful words have a lot of friends will have doubt, so how to choose keywords meaningful? In every search engine will have a search engine index, for example, they will love Shanghai. There is a love Shanghai index query, can view the keyword index with this function, if more popular keywords, the index will be higher, if no keyword index, So that the search is still relatively small, the conversion rate will be very low, so in our choice of words, try to choose a keyword index and a website, Select > read more

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Shanghai dragon key win a

first in the mind of the random imagination and your site links, and put them in the specific written as soon as possible, this step is not difficult, but we need to improve it, enrich it. This time, we can go online to see colleagues is how to do, because their "battlefield" is that you have to face the same "battlefield", you can communicate with your partner (for example: Copy Editor), their opinions are very useful, because they write the content information. Pick the most make them look comfortable words. read more

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Strengthen the personalized construction to enhance the optimization effect analysis of Shanghai Dra

first, create personalized keywords. The construction of a web site cannot do without the choice of keywords, keywords and website is a one-to-one correspondence between the keywords, personalized, will transfer to the personalization of the website. But here is the need to pay attention to, and does not require unique personalized keywords on the Internet, this is not conducive to the user’s search. In fact, the fundamental factor is the choice of keywords with the potential needs of users, so as to avoid the keywords and already appeared the user needs to produce fierce competition. read more

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The directory of the web site were analyzed to ban love Shanghai

love can be!If

in early 2014, there are many webmaster have received such a love of Shanghai reminded, as above, my blog in two months to be reminded of two times. Since so many websites have suggested that robots document, then it must be love Shanghai official algorithm adjustment caused by the fluctuation, and not so much robots files at the same time there is a problem.

some of the usual carefully novice webmaster may be in the group, or Shanghai dragon forum all help, hope to have people to "solve" the problem, and give a reply is usually said to check the robots.txt file, but did not check out the reason, and then listen to some robots.txt files deleted! (this is I in a group to see, at that time I was oh) read more

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