Day: May 31, 2017

How does the O2O services industry affect the fast food industry

network of the behavior of the Internet O2O services industry has brought infinite vitality. Have to say that the rise of O2O on traditional industries, especially in the food and beverage industry to change the far-reaching impact.

O2O is the abbreviation of Online To Offline, literally means the connection between the line and the line, the line is the internet. Under the line can be understood as a traditional business, online can be understood as any Internet resources. Then connect the two, in fact, is the combination of traditional business formats and the Internet, so that the Internet has become the front line trading. In fact, it is the same as B2B, B2C and so on, is one of the forms of e-commerce. B2C and B2B, the concept is not the same, O2O focused on local life service, because the traditional business is commercial stores, whether retail or service industry, is the need to shop, but business stores will only serve the local and small range of customers. So O2O is the transformation of these commercial stores on the Internet, it must still be based on local services. There are many interesting problems, for example, you buy a box of duck neck in duck week Tmall shop, give you home, this is B2C. You through the O2O platform in your neighborhood to the convenience store to buy a box of week coot duck neck, also give you home, this is O2O. The difference between their own experience. read more

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