Netflix adds Buy now button kind of

first_imgAn unusual development popped up today on the Netflix page of one of the finest films ever, Little Fockers. A “Buy now” link appeared, which was a surprise to many of us, since Netflix has been outspokenly adamant about keeping its business model strictly rental only.Discovered by, the “Buy now” link doesn’t send the user to a Netflix purchasing page. Instead, it sends you to the official Little Fockers website where you can buy the film from the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, or Walmart. You can also download it digitally. The site boasts that you can get it there “28 days before Netflix or Redbox.”Hollywood studio executives have been supposedly offering Netflix better deals for streaming licenses if the rental company agrees to give subscribers the option to buy films through its site. Netflix continues to refuse and is standing strong by its rental-only business model.Could the Little Fockers link mean Netflix will be incorporating this strategy into more of its movies? The company doesn’t have to get messy with handling transactions. Instead, it lets the other guys do the work and reaps the benefits (presumably some cut of the sale, and/or looser licensing rules).The small link isn’t bothersome at all, and there are no annoying pop-up ads asking if we’d like to buy the movie. So, this might be a good way for Netflix to get more access to streaming more content while still sticking to its rent-only model. This may be just one of the many changes we see from Netflix in the future. For example, we know Netflix is paving the way for online streaming video sites with the recent news of a Netflix-exclusive original series. Directed by David Fincher, House of Cards will be coming in late 2012 and will star Kevin Spacey.Read more at, via CNET.last_img

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