750 thousand seedlings for North Tim Green

The recovery of all things, the Spring returns to the good earth., it is a good season for afforestation. In order to create a livable city in north area, north this year plans to complete the new afforestation 6600 acres, planting pine, spruce, poplar, apricot seedlings 750 thousand.

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Close the door closed off cottage food industry and Commerce thorough investigation

Xining Railway Station, bus station staff mobility, unscrupulous traders took the opportunity to sell the "copycat" food, to ensure food safety in circulation, the business sector in Xining launched a dragnet inspection, to combat the "copycat" food.

Xining industrial and commercial departments have examined the Sanming market, Renjie grain and oil wholesale market, wholesale market, sea lake road bus station market, found a number of households and expired food, illegal operation of the Xining East Hill source liquor store sales of some eight tea, wine, food and other non production date. Xining East Tibet treasure business products sales of wolfberry Wang, ginseng fruit, 35 antler blood has expired. More than one in the east of the operating area of the family planning supplies store will be mixed with the sale of raw materials and food sales, but did not go through any formalities. Inspection, industrial and commercial law enforcement officers require operators to establish and improve the food purchase and sale ledger, the implementation of the commodity market filing system, the formation of operators, regulators, consumers of the three party linkage of food safety management chain. read more

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Datong County window units in the full implementation of the whereabouts of the notification system

to further change the style of work, and constantly improve the level of work fine in our county to serve the people and promote the effectiveness of the construction, implementation for the people, convenient and beneficial purposes, according to the Municipal Commission for discipline inspection requirements, my county in the county to the full implementation of the notification system of window units.

in order to make the full implementation of this work, my county careful deployment, careful arrangements, first issued a notice, clear content. Combined with the actual notice about carrying out the whereabouts of window units in the county issued a "information system" (Da Ji word 2012 No. 16), in direct organs and institutions serving the masses work window units; the township public service hall, county administrative service hall of the approval of all kinds of social and public relations closely; direct service to people, industry and other departments to fully implement the service window to inform system. Clear window units to set up to inform the board, to inform the card includes: staff name, position, whereabouts (in, out, meeting, travel, leave), telephone number, back to the unit time. Two is the strict leave system, increase accountability efforts. In accordance with their respective units leave system, examination and approval in strict accordance with the cadre management authority, who did not go to licensing, fill in the cadres to give informed criticism. Three is to strengthen supervision. In order to ensure the system in place, in the work after the critical point, especially for direct service to the people of the window position to carry out a thorough investigation, aiming at the problems found in the examination of the whereabouts of this card is not timely setting, work discipline lax, poor mental state, issued a rectification notification, requiring rectification. read more

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Media exposure related departments thorough investigation of the construction site in Xining changed

since September, Xining City air pollution remediation work started, the joint inspection group of major construction sites composed of environmental protection, urban construction, urban management and other departments, proposed rectification requirements of dust pollution construction site, the newspaper also actively play a supervisory role of the mainstream media, the exposure of a group in the rectification of do the site. This newspaper has been exposed to the construction site now, and whether there is dust phenomenon? read more

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Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County for the county public selection of leading cadres

in order to carry out the provincial and municipal centralized public selection of leading cadres to the relevant requirements, to further deepen the reform of the cadre and personnel system, expand the scope of candidates, broaden employment channels, promote prosperity, harmony, ecological and livable "Datong new construction, according to the needs of the construction of county level leadership of the Communist Party of China, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County decided to the county’s 3 public selection of leading cadres. Notice is as follows: read more

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Further strengthen cooperation and exchanges between the two provinces in energy and other fields

10 19, the Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin met in Xining, vice governor of Hubei province and his party, on the promotion of cooperation in the field of energy, such as the two provinces held talks.

Zhang Jianmin on behalf of the provincial government of Xu Kezhen green line to welcome, thank you for a long time in Hubei province of Qinghai economic and social development support, and introduced the Qinghai economic and social development and energy. Zhang Jianmin said that in recent years, relying on the unique resources of Qinghai Province, vigorously promote the development of solar energy, wind power and other new energy industries, energy structure optimization. "13th Five-Year" and in the future, Qinghai will strive to create a national green energy demonstration building, Hainan Province, Haixi two million kilowatts of renewable energy base, build a national regional energy base, national clean energy base connection. The great potential and broad space for cooperation between the two provinces in the energy sector. read more

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Business paint business customer is very important to tap new customers a trick

In fact, a lot of experience for the operators of

coating or paint shop for business customers, mining is a very important link, only Everfount source protection, we can finally put their products sold, how to develop new customers?

1. old customers recommend: Generally speaking, new customers in unfamiliar places. Because of this, we need to use some "bridge" to find new customers. A very important "bridge" is our old customers. Where there are old customers, there must be new customers have not been discovered and excavated. So my first advice is to think about how to get new customers through old customers. There are two opportunities: first, through the old customers recommend new customers, and the two is to study the habits of old customers access to information and channels, through the guidance of old customers to find a large number of new customers. read more

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A sports event for children in Plateau

In September 20th, Qinghai Sports Center Stadium in Qinghai All seats are occupied. passion. The sixteenth session of the Qinghai sports and Fitness Conference opened here. Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining announced the Provincial Games opening ceremony, governor Hao Peng speech, vice governor Zhang Jianmin chaired the Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary General Wang Xiaoqing, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee Mu Dongsheng, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Ji Renfeng, deputy commander of the provincial military Angwang suonan, Qinghai armed police corps commander Yang Xiong attended the opening ceremony. Hao Peng in his speech on behalf of the provincial government to all athletes, coaches, referees and sports workers cordial greetings to a long time for the development of sports in Qinghai to contribute to the social from all walks of life to express my heartfelt gratitude. He said that in recent years, the attention and the correct leadership of the provincial government, our province sports and fitness booming, strengthen physical infrastructure, improve the level of competitive sports, international brand events affecting a wide range of sports industry into the new vigor and vitality. Sports has become an important carrier to enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life, promote national unity and progress, promote economic and social development, and display the image of Qinghai. Hao Peng said that four years of the provincial sports and fitness conference is the province’s largest, highest level of competition, the most widely involved in a wide range of large-scale sports events. In the games, a total of 66 events, athletes reached 20 thousand people, about 600000 people participated in the masses, highlighting the interaction between competitive sports and mass sports and fitness fusion, the concentrated review of our province sports development achievements show children plateau spirit, has important significance to the reform and development of positive energy aggregation. In the games, held as an opportunity to further pragmatic and enterprising, pioneering and innovative, to carry out the national fitness movement, focus on the selection and training of excellent sports talents, promote the development of sports in Qinghai to a new level, is struggling to create "three areas", a comprehensive well-off society and make greater contributions to the new. The opening ceremony, the audience of 29 thousand viewers appreciate the different styles, unique features of the performing arts. Qinghai provincial sixteenth games and Fitness Conference to fitness sharing, transportation, health and harmonious Qinghai plateau "as the theme, a total of 66 large and 303 small, is loved by the masses of the national fitness project, there are sports items, as well as for the old people’s sports, reflect the participation, competition and ornamental organic combination. From March to September this year, which lasted nearly 7 months, the province showed a monthly event, Zhou Zhou activities, every day a good pattern of fitness. After the opening ceremony, will focus on a few days to track and field events, such as adult athletics. At the same time, the game will be the first sports, traditional sports, disabled sports projects included in the Provincial Games, fully show that the party and the government care for the disabled, but also truly reflects the universal nature of sports.   read more

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